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Nurses Revalidation Process

Supporting you throughout the nurse revalidation process

Whilst revalidation is the responsibility of the healthcare professional, JustNurses are here to support you.

The process of revalidation is the NMC’s robust answer to helping nurses and midwives demonstrate their continued observance to the Code's standards of practice and behaviour, and so safeguarding the public. Effective from April 2016, revalidation will occur in 3 year cycles and without successful revalidation you will not be able to practice as a nurse.

Having a clear understanding of what will be required of you during the revalidation process, and when it will be required, is therefore extremely important.

With this in mind we will be supporting our agency nurses with the revalidation process to ensure that it is as clear and straightforward as possible.

What is Revalidation?

Revalidation is a new process implemented by Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to strengthen and improve public protection. Revalidation also helps to support, and at the same time empower, our nurses to take responsibility for their continued professional development and fitness to practice, throughout their career.

The new requirements will encourage nurses to keep up to date with CPD, to engage with other nurses in professional discussions and also encourage reflection on the New Code. The requirements for revalidation are:

  • 450 practice hours or 900 if revalidating as both a nurse and midwife
  • 35 hours CPD including 20 hours participatory learning
  • Five pieces of practice related feedback
  • Five written reflective accounts
  • Reflective discussion
  • Health and character declaration
  • Professional indemnity arrangements
  • Confirmation
  • The NMC recommends that that you keep a record of the above by creating your own portfolio.


JustNurses will support you through the revalidation process by providing you with the latest updates and information.

If you do not know your NMC renewal date this will be the first thing you will need to find out. Your renewal date will be your revalidation date and can be found out via your online NMC account. You will need to submit your application 60 days before this date.

Once you have your renewal date you can then start working towards meeting all of the requirements of a successful revalidation. You will have three years prior to your renewal date to do so.

To find out the other requirements for revalidation please click below..

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Once you have obtained all of the requirements for your revalidation, including your confirmation, you will need to submit your application to the NMC. This should be a minimum of 30 days before your renewal date, in order to give the NMC a chance to review your application and, in an unlikely situation, come back to you should they require any further information.